Friday, April 19, 2019

Old windows walk the plank

Rich just completed one of our biggest boat projects to-date.  Leopard catamarans have a well-known problem with leaking salon windows.  The original factory installation
You are so outta here!

had a strip of cosmetic paint on the plexiglass to hide the caulk.  Over time the paint comes loose - breaking the seal.  There is a 100% failure rate.  On our first open ocean passage after buying Pogeyan we had beach towels on the window sills soaking up the seawater.

Since we had to remove the windows and re-bed them we decided to install new plexiglass.  The existing windows were scratched and crazed so badly we couldn't see out of them on passage.  We also decided to replace the corroded, leaky, hard-to-use portholes in the forward windows.  We put in a much sturdier single porthole with easier latches.
Rich really hated the leaky old portholes.  He caulked them shut last year.

One porthole to rule them all!

Looking out the old window.
Looking out the new window!

There are 6 large windows in the salon. We brought 30 tubes of the recommended caulk and a case of blue painters tape back from the USA.  Rich used every bit of it on this job. The first step was to remove the old windows then scrape out the old caulk and foam tape using a vibrating multi tool.  Two of the side windows were distressingly easy to pull out!  He then sanded the entire opening smooth so the new caulk would adhere well.  The new window had to be painted black around the edges with a solution of caulk and mineral spirits.

Lots of caulk
I held the vacuum while he sanded to catch all the old black caulk and foam.  He was able to remove 2 windows in an afternoon and get the new ones installed the next day.  It went quicker than I expected.

Foam tape was applied around the internal opening and in the corners.  Next the new glass was put in with a thick bead of caulk - 3 tubes of caulk for each window.  He let the initial caulk dry for a week holding the window in with fender washers and screws.  Then he went back and filled it in the rest of the way with two more tubes of caulk on each and smoothed the caulk bead. 

Man, what a difference.  It is so much brighter in the boat and we can see outside!!!  

Looking out from the salon it feels like a new boat!

First remove the old window.

Next use multi tool to remove old caulk and foam tape.

Prepped and ready for the new glass to be installed.
Foam tape applied.

Glass installed with a bead of caulk and fender washers to snug it in.
To view all the photos visit Here.


  1. Hi Michelle, do you guys have any plans to come to Town Basin? A few of us are still here.

    1. We launch on the 29th and plan to finish our provisioning/prepping at Town Basin. We hope to run into you there. We'll clear out of Marsden again this year.

  2. What an overhaul! The new windows look fantastic and the difference in clarity is astounding. Immersive photos to boot.

    1. Wait til you see our new stickers and graphics! They are really cool!

    2. I'm looking forward to it. I bet with all of the modifications you've made to date it feels like a different boat.

  3. Love the shot of dad attacking to the old windows. 👍

    1. Yeah that is funny. Did you see the huge smile on his face as he toss's the front window overboard!

    2. I sure did, lol. Good riddance! Hoping he didn't actually throw them overboard though! Might've crushed a few eels chilling on the bottom.

    3. He threw them overboard onto the dirt! It was fun to watch!! No animals were harmed. I would never allow that.