Our Location

We have several location trackers activated when we are on passage.  When at anchor we sometimes deactivate one or both to conserve power.

Our Predictwind location tracker webpage can be viewed by clicking here.  It  receives our position through our Iridium satellite communicator.  When we have access to cellular data we usually shutdown the Iridium and our position won't be updating.  In that case....

Our Garmin Inreach location tracker webpage can be viewed by clicking here.   This device consumes very little power and can run off it's own batteries for several days.  So we usually leave it running all the time...unless it's cloudy for a week and our solar panels are having trouble keeping the house battery bank charged.

Our brand new Starlink dish and Yacht Devices communication gateway allow us to upload many variables to a custom webpage can be viewed by clicking here.   This is new to us in May 2023, so I'm not certain how reliable it will be.

On passage we also leave our automatic identification system (AIS) running continuously.  This signal is picked up by other boats within 10-15 miles and it is also received by satellites.  This provides a yet another breadcrumb trail which can be viewed on Marinetraffic.com.  We are now a Marinetraffic reporting station.  This means that my boat uploads the position of any boats within our receiving radius.  Our Marinetraffic.com page for Pogeyan can be viewed by clicking hereIf you want to see our Marinetraffic reporting station status, it can be viewed by clicking here

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