Sunday, April 29, 2018

Going Back in the Water!

Pogeyan goes back in the water tomorrow morning after 14 months sitting on blocks here at Norsand Boatyard. I really like the way Norsand sets blocking to support catamarans.  They use big wooden cube blocks about 2 feet on a side.  At each support location they slipped softer material between the blocks and the hull.
The yard put her on the hydraulic lift Friday so they could apply bottom paint to the locations where she sat on the blocks. It rained and blew up quite a stink on Friday night - rocking the boat around on the lift. Not a lot of movement. Just different and unsettling.  We'll sleep better with her bobbing in the water again.
We put a serious dent in the boat projects. I've not worked with my hands this much in years. I am so totally wiped out at the end of each day!  I fell asleep at the galley table last week and woke up in the middle of the night. I'm loving it!
Next we head a few miles up the river to Town Basin where we'll finish pre-passage projects and get our new canvas. Then some shakedown trips and more prepping for the passage to the tropics.
I've got to say the view off the stern is about as good as it gets for a boatyard. I've been back here 3 weeks and I'm still caught off guard by the beauty of this place.

Probably the last photo with the yellow canvas

Going up on the trailer lift so bottom paint can be finished

The view off the back is pretty pleasant for a boat yard

You can see some of the old bottom paint

Our brand new folding props with a fresh coat of Prop Speed

They lift exactly where the manufacturer recommends.  I checked.

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