Sunday, October 21, 2018

Telekitonga - Our Last Anchorage of the Season in the Haapai Group

On our last night in the Ha 'Apai group we anchored off Telekitonga.  The day we arrived the swell was coming from a rather unusual Southwest direction and the West side of the island had the most violent shore-breaking surf we have seen.

It's not typical to see such breaking waves on a beach.  Normally a barrier reef shelters the beach.

Most of the collectable shells on the beach were washed away or damaged. I did find 2 beautiful shells despite the rough waves. We looked around for good coral to snorkel but everything we saw was dead.  Despite these issues this was a magnificent anchorage.  The beach with the roaring waves is my favorite of all the islands we have been to so far.  The water colors are some of the best too.  I really enjoyed it and wished we could have stayed here for at least a week.

Gorgeous Beach!

Love seeing these crabs out on the beaches.
There was a pod of dolphins right off our stern in the anchorage. They came around a few times. Once Rich happened to be in the dingy and he sped over to see if they wanted to engage with us.  But, they were shy and didn't want any part of it.  It was really cool to see them.  If we could have stayed for a week I would have tried to swim with them.

We stayed one night then left the next afternoon to continue on. We have been in Tongatapu about a week now, looking for a weather window to go back to New Zealand. If the weather allows we plan to stop at Minerva Reef for a week or two.

To view all our photos at Telekitonga visit Here

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