Saturday, November 16, 2019

Mount Aubrey Loop Trail

Mount Aubrey seen from the road below.
On a nice New Zealand afternoon we decided to put down the boat work and go for a hike up nearby Mount Aubrey.  We read that the hike offered spectacular views of Whangarei
Heads and the bays below.  The loop trail rises 600 feet and takes about 2 hours to walk 2.2 miles. 

Mount Aubrey is highlighted in yellow.

View of nearby Mount Mania from the top of Mount Aubrey 

Whangarei (pronounced FON-gah-ray) is our home-away-from-home here in New Zealand.  Every time we arrive back in this area we sail past the coastal mountains known as the Whangarei Heads.  They have a striking profile and are so photogenic I have tons of photos from the water.  I'm really excited to explore them from land this year.

Mount Mania from the water

The heads at sunset as we left New Zealand for Tonga in 2018
Mount Aubrey at golden hour as we sailed into New Zealand for the first time in 2016.   

The heads as we sailed out of Marsden Cove Marina, leaving for Tonga in 2019!
Leaving 2019 - Mount Aubrey in the foreground and Mount Mania in the background

The walk up the mountain was pretty easy and very scenic.  The forest and fields were lush and green and everything smelled wonderful.  All-in-all, a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon!
Here we go, up the mountain.
Benches like this are all over the place in New Zealand.
Nice place to rest.

I'm going in.  If I don't return come after me.

Most of the trails in NZ have portions of this type of stairs.
Boats anchored in the bay below. 

I love the fern trees in New Zealand!

Wow!  Stunning view.
King of the hill!

Unbelievable views!

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