Saturday, June 30, 2018

Michelle took this photo at night.  That's moonlight on the water.  You can see the night time anchor lights on our neighbor boats.  There was no detail visible in the raw image but after some of Michelle's Photoshop magic it looks like a daytime shot. 

We joined several other boats for a low tide walkabout on the reef.  Michelle and I decided to walk across the reef to the outside where the open ocean is crashing against the atoll.  It was a surprisingly long walk. It looked like it would be 300 yards but it was actually more than a half mile.  I was hoping to find crevices jammed with lobsters.  No such luck. 

The wind has been a steady 25 knots all day.  That's about 30 mph.  I was going to get a drone photo of the atoll today but didn't want to risk the drone.  I've got a lot of spare boat parts but only one drone.  

We met John and Wendy from Midnight Sun on our reef walk.  They have been to Minerva 15 times and said the South Reef is by far the best diving.  South Minerva is shaped like an infinity symbol and it's 20 miles South.  We'll head over there next week when the wind is forecast to settle down a bit.  The megayacht Black Pearl showed up last night.  It's strange to see Jetskis zipping about out here in the middle of nowhere.  The crew came around to all the sailboats to ask if anyone needed water, parts, or anything.  What a nice gesture.  I guess Jack Sparrow is no longer in charge... 

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