Sunday, June 24, 2018

NZ to Minerva Reefs - Day 2

The winds have picked up and so has the temperature. We started out with 3 blankets at night. Now one is sufficient. We reefed (reduced sail) at sundown yesterday and again at sunrise this morning. 

Michelle shot this sunrise photo while hugging the bimini frame to steady the shot. The boat is pitching all over the place. We toss little squares of non-skid shelf liner material everywhere we might set an essential the morning's coffee cup. 

Our new Engle portable fridge sits under the cockpit dining table loaded with frozen meat. It only draws 2 amps but the new load is just enough to require us to run the generator for an hour each day. We have a kilowatt of solar panels and have never had to use the generator previously. The days are short right now here in the Southern Hemisphere. Winter Solstice was a few days ago. We'll get better solar output when get closer to the Equator... I hope.  We need a latitude adjustment! 

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