Saturday, June 23, 2018

NZ to Minerva Reefs - Day 1

We've been on passage for a little over a day. There was very little wind at the start of the passage so we had the diesel rumbling through the night. While we were still "driving a motor boat" we passed close to the Poor Knights islands to reconnoiter the coves and dive spots for later use. Michelle got some really good photos with "golden hour" lighting just as the sun set. 

This photo was taken just before we hoisted our sails this morning - at about 10 AM. The first few days on passage my mind can't believe what my eyes see. I keep seeing the farthest clouds as distant land on the horizon. We see the sailboat Danika on AIS running parallel with us. We'll look for them at Minerva. 

We are on a really nice beam reach for the last several hours. Michelle is painting a watercolor of a sea turtle to hang in the salon. I'm fiddling with the sails and contemplating throwing out a few lines to catch some dinner. All is well.

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