Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Best Whale Encounter Yet

Yesterday was our best whale encounter so far! We had several dozen sightings and 4 groups were breaching!

In the afternoon we set out in the dinghy to explore a large sand bar connecting two nearby islands. It's mostly submerged during high tide.
Walking along the sand bar at low tide with the oceans trying to meet.
The sandbar is fully submerged now with waves crashing over it.

On the return trip to our boat a mom and calf were breaching back towards our boat. We killed the dinghy engine and drifted along hoping they would approach. They did. They swam near us and the calf breached right when they were closest!! They swam under us together and in one photo you can see the mom's belly on the bottom and a smaller white belly on top of her. It's something how close the calf stays to her. Several photos they are practically touching side by side as they swim. It's soooo cute. And the baby makes little baby blows. When they pass by we had the mist from their blow land on us more than once. I'll never tire of seeing them and hearing them.
Whale blows
The calf's lower half was light grey fading to white. That was the first time we saw that coloring.
Baby whale with the white/grey coloring.
We enjoyed walking on the sand bar connecting two islands. I loved seeing the ocean on both sides. One side is calm and the other is wild!
Tonga is my favorite cruising grounds so far! I love it here!!
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