Saturday, August 11, 2018

Nomuka and Nomuka 'Iki Islands

This is Nomuka and Nomuka Iki (little Nomuka). We anchored between the 2 islands.  There is another small island off the tip of Nomuka Iki with a cluster of manicured trees that resemble a large hut. That little island had an encircling reef that was a great place to snorkel.  Large breaking waves made it challenging on the windward side.  But fun!
We are anchored between the 2 islands.  This is looking at the East end of Nomuka Iki.

The nearby breaking waves were sizable.

We went in and explored Nomuka Iki and walked along the beach. There was a huge breadfruit tree and a whole grove of something that looked like limes.  The island has an abandoned jail on the North side. It looked like people were living in the old prison buildings because we would see fires there at night.

Nomuka has village on it and several churches. Whale Discoveries has their resort there. We never did go ashore. The anchorage was getting rolly because the winds shifted to an unusual Westerly direction.
Rich found an uninhabited island 10 miles North that looked good on the Google Earth images. We had a quick sail up to Tokulu and it is spectacular!!  More on Tokulu in the next post. 
There is a dormant volcano is the distance that looks so enticing. Talking with locals there isn't really a good place to anchor there so we haven't put it in our voyage plans. It looks ominous as you will see in the photo.
The cone shape volcano is Koa and the island on the left is Tofua.  Tofua has a collapsed caldera containing a freshwater lake at only 30m above sea level and surrounded by steep 300 m cliffs. 
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